Our Training Programs

Multicellular (Plant & Animal)

  • Plant germination techniques.
  • Plant tissue culture: Suspension cultures, Callus development, Regeneration.
  • PBMC, HeLa and UCB stem cell culture.
  • Proliferation of Lymphocytes using mitogen, Chromosomal preparation and karyotyping.

Unicellular (Microbes)

  • Media preparation & plating.
  • Streaking.
  • Staining techniques.
  • Screening, sterilization techniques.
  • Serological tests.
  • Diagnostic tests.
  • Microbial cultures (food/ milk/ Water/ air/soil born, fiber/cellulose degrading bacteria).
  • Morphological and Biochemical tests.

A) Nucleic Acids             

  • Genomic and plasmid DNA isolation.
  • RNA and miRNA isolation.
  • PCR.
  • RFLP, SSCP and Haplotype analysis.
  • PAGE, SDS, Vertical, Horizontal gel electrophoresis.
  • Northern Blotting.
  • Bacterial transformation and cloning.
  • Recombinant DNA Technology.

B) Carbohydrates & Protein

  • Quantitative estimation, Western Blotting and Enzyme assays.
  • Immuno-blotting, Immuno-diffusion.
  • Purification Techniques: HPLC, TLC, Affinity Chromatography.


  • Sequence studies- Next Generation Sequencing data analysis.
  • Phylogenetic Analysis.
  • Structural Annotation.
  • Functional Elucidation.